DVD Chapters

Getting ready to start

Nose and toes Collar Conditioning

3 bumper fetch drill

beginning pile angle back cast

force back to pile

single t powercast

7 bumber lining drill

hurdle drill casting drills

walkout blinds

star drill practice

In any sport Fundamentals are crucial for success. Rather than have a series of lectures on what the Fundamentals are and how to teach them Bill has made an effort to actually demonstrate how to teach the Fundamentals of retriever training. It's not a lecture, it's actual dogs learning and going thru the process of acquiring the skills that we call Fundamentals, or basics. This involves teaching a dog to sit, stop on the whistle, go when he's commanded to go, to cast, to go through obstacles, cover. All of these skills are learned through handling. We are showing the learning process, how the dogs learn, and what happens if things don't go right, etc. This video is a demonstration of how to teach the Fundamentals of retriever training.